CentOS Installation

This document should explain a ICINGA server installation on CentOS via kickstart. You can use it for Fedora or RedHat too ;-) Icinga is only an example for a unintended installation.  

I use a VMware with the following setup... running on my "Apple MacBook".

768 MByte RAM
8GByte Disk "hda" - You can change it by you own.

Other 64Bit Linux
CDRom insert a "CentOS 5.x x86" (you can use a "_64" if you like too)

Start the VMware:
On the Linux Book prompt (boot with network CD CentOS5) type in
boot: linux ks=http://www.berhorst.net/files/icinga/icinga.ks


On the Linux Boot menue select "Rescue installed system" (boot with a full DVD CentOS 6.x)

vmlinuz initrd=initrd.img boot: linux ks=http://www.berhorst.net/files/icinga/icinga6.ks

Next you must tpye in your password

Additional Information / Links
Installation - manually:


More information about kickstart:


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